Art History

Art History consists of 2x80 slides (two carousels) of red, black and white drawings. The slide projection, comprising abstract images referring to modernism, abstract expressionism, so called ‘primitive art’, applied arts and feminism, call to mind the classic academic lesson in the history of art. Unlike this conventional and linear art history, the work does not distinguish these ‘-isms’ into clearly distinctive fields; instead, the images will merge and morph fluently in a loop of red, black and white.


The projection has a quiet pace and evokes an almost ritualistic meditative state of mind by the rhythm of the images. The color combination of red-white-black is seen (throughout all time and in most cultures) as the strongest combination referring to life, death and birth. The projection of a drawing of a painterly brushstroke, the drop of paint or a black square, does not only refer to modern western art, like abstract expressionism or the work of Malevich, but it also brings to mind bodily fluids, the origin of life, conception, the infinite and the unknown.


collection de Vleeshal/M HKA