Abstract Background with One or Two Figures
collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


On Sunday 11 November 2012, 4pm, (44 days after the re-opening of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and on the last day of the exhibition Beyond Imagination) Sara van der Heide will complete her piece 'Abstract background with one or two figures'. For the last 44 days, Van der Heide was both a museum visitor and an essential part of the artwork. Like a regular visitor, she explored the museum building and the collection; she went from room to room and floor to floor. Unlike a regular visitor, she did not visit the museum in one day, but her visit was stretched out over 44 days. Her daily presence in/on/outside the museum has been accompanied by a short announcement, audible throughout the whole museum. Each day, visitors of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam might have heard a single poetic sentence, played over the public address system, describing the act of the artist. Visitors were invited to think about the meaning of the words, and at the same time to visualize the described image. More than the daily act of the artist, it was the collective meditations and the individual visualizations of the words that together made up the actual artwork.

Abstract Background with One or Two Figures
Part of the exhibition: Beyond Imagination, curated by Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen en Kathrin Jentjens
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
23 September - 11 November 2012

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