Hollands Kabinet and the Weather Forecast at the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam

The performance: Hollands Kabinet and the Weather Forecast was produced for Zeitgeist 1933, part of the interdisciplinary program AAA, organised by The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

On September 23, 2011 for Zeitgeist 1933 all the Hollands Kabinet drawings from October 14, 2010 - September 23, 2011 were projected as a slideshow in the Concertgebouw, starting with Hollands Kabinet drawing number 1, October 14, 2010. The projections were being accompanied by the reading of the headline of the Dutch weather forecast from the Dutch newspaper of that same day. October 14, 2010: 'Regen' (Rain).  I continued reading the headlines of the weather forecast until September 23, 2011: 'Nazomer' (Late Summer) the day of the performance.

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

14 Oktober, 2010, Regen, NRC Handelsblad

23 September 2011, 20 ℃ Late Summer, NRC Handelsblad